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28 Japan

Journey with me through Japan in this visual and textual not-quite-journal of my 28-day trip through this enchanting, enigmatic and ultra-efficient country.

My first (self) published book, 28 Japan shares my personal travel tips, hopefully useful insights, moments of inspiration and the occasional frustration alongside many, many photographs I captured along the way. Use this book as a guide to help you plan a future trip to Japan, or indulge in a little wanderlust as I reminisce this memorably epic vacation through a country that charms me every single time.

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I write for work

Writing helps me pay the bills. From food to finance, I believe in writing clear, easy-to-understand articles to reach wider audiences, without compromising quality or your unique voice.

I've included some of my favourite work below. Email me to find out how we can work together, or if you'd like an extra pair of eyes to polish your written work.

And no, I won't write your homework for you.

A Rising Concern: An Increased Risk of Heart Disease Among Millennials

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Malaysia. According to the Statistics on Causes of Death, Malaysia, 2020, 17.3% of males in Malaysia died of ischaemic heart diseases in 2019.

Financial Planning: Helping You Face Economic Uncertainties

An economic downturn is a real possibility when considering the prolonged global effects of COVID-19 – the question is, are you financially ready to face these uncertainties?

Five Passive Income Ideas for The Digitally Savvy

Earning a passive income used to be an activity reserved for those who had significant liquid finances they could use to make even more money.

Butterkicap Eggsperiment: How to Make Perfect Boiled Eggs

Have you ever Googled ‘how to make perfect half or soft-boiled eggs’ and came away feeling disappointed that the answers you got didn’t quite work?

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All The Ns

Face masks, stickers, scrunchies, bowls, cards, tees and more.

All The Ns is my handmade side hustle that's been around since 2008 (and possibly earlier). We've evolved a lot by then, continuously experimenting and designing new things in our bid to make our little mark in the crafty world.

Shoppers in Malaysia, please head to Shopee to take a look at (and buy!) our items, while shoppers everywhere else can visit our Etsy store.

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My Instagram posts feature mostly travel and journal-related content, with a smattering of everyday life in Stories. Thanks to being home-bound during the pandemic though, my content has largely been focused on my journals. You have been warned.

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Since I was taking videos for IGTV, I thought I'd make them do double duty and upload them to YouTube as well.

My videos are mostly flipthroughs of my travel journals and before-the-pen monthly inserts, "silent fountain pen" and ink reviews, and other stationery and journaling-related content. I have a growing list of videos I want to do, I just need to find the time to get around to it.

In the mean time, I am still far away from the eventual goal of monetising my channel, so do give me a follow!

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Travel Journal: Chiang Mai 2019
Nadiah Kimie

Travel Journal: Chiang Mai 2019

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I'm Nadiah. I'm a 40-something year old writer, editor, avid journal keeper, reader, foodie, on-hold-traveller, maker, sometimes photographer, music lover, neat freak; sometimes all at the same time, sometimes more or less one or the other, and sometimes something else altogether.

I am a one-person show most of the time, but I also enjoy being part of a team. And while I am quite set in my ways, I am also versatile and look forward to new challenges and discoveries.

I don't have a personal favourite quote, but Green Day's "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life" is the closest thing to a personal mantra. I can't wait to travel again, to Japan in particular. In the mean time, I'm using this homebound time to catch up on significantly overdue travel journals.

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Life is short, get in touch.

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